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Cucumber Dill Dip

This is my favorite go to dip for the summer. The flavors are fresh and delicious and it goes with just about anything. It’s quick and easy to throw together and best served with some fresh veggies. Perfect for a summer cookout or even a light lunch or after-school snack. This is always a favorite […]

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Pickling Cucumbers

My cucumber plants were doing really well earlier this summer, but sadly got eaten down to almost  nothing by some bugs while we were out of town for a long weekend. That being said, I know most of you that are growing a garden are drowning in cucumbers right now… Add to that the fact […]

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Cucumber Salad With Ginger

Here’s a salad that’s as simple as it is delicious. It’s perfect when you are grilling in the backyard or for picnics. Since there is no mayonnaise etc, there is no need to worry about it spoiling to quickly in warm weather. 4 medium size fresh cucumbers, peeled 1/3 cup rice vinegar 1 tsp honey […]

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Kale and Avocado Salad With Cucumber

Kale Salad with Lemon

One of my favorite new vegetables is Kale. It’s awesome in soups and stews, sauteed like any other green and I’ve even added it to my smoothies in the morning. You can also make some great healthy Kale chips. Kale is often found either sold by the bunch or in a large bag (washed and […]

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Can You Fry Cucumbers

Plate of fried cucumbers

Reader question: Does anyone have a suggestion or success story to share on a tasty way to fry up cucumbers? From the Hillbilly Housewife This is a little older request, but since it came up I’ve played around with some of the suggestions below. This year we have a good crop of cucumbers from the […]

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Cream Cheese And Cucumber Sandwiches

Cream Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches aren’t just for fancy tea parties. They make for a wonderful light lunch in the summer time. The flavor is so light even kids enjoy them (though I usually leave the chives off for them). For a fun lunch with your daughter or granddaughter, make a batch of these along with […]

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Sweet Cucumber Pickle Relish

Summer is the perfect time to make this sweet cucumber pickle relish. What a wonderful way to preserve all of our favorite summer vegetables like cucumbers and sweet peppers. You can then use them throughout the year on sandwiches and salad. Sweet Cucumber Pickle Relish Recipe 8 cups cucumber (peeled and chopped) 4 cups sweet […]

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Storing Cucumbers

Does anyone know how to store cucumbers so that they don’t go bad so quickly? Disclosure: Some of the links below are affilate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Braised Cucumbers

Cucumbers are usually served cold, in a salad of some sort. Did you know that they are also delicious as a hot side dish? Give these braised cucumbers a try. Braised Cucumber Recipe 4 large cucumbers 1 small can chicken broth 1 cup celery (chopped) 2 TBSP. diced pimentos 1 tsp. lemon juice 1/8 tsp. […]

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Greek Cucumber Salad

Mixing sour cream and yogurt for this dressing turns out really well and of course it wouldn’t be Greek without plenty of garlic. Yum! What a perfect summer salad to go with just about anything cooked on the grill. Greek Cucumber Salad Recipe 2 medium cucumbers 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup sour cream 1 cup […]

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Cucumber And Onions In Vinegar

Perfect for summer. A super simple salad of cucumbers and onions in vinegar.

This is such a simple dish, but these cucumber and onions in vinegar are so delicious during the hottest weeks of the summer. 4 medium size cucumbers 2 small vidalia onions 1/3 cup white vinegar 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 tsp salt Slice cucumbers and onions thinly. Combine vinegar,sugar and salt in a small bowl and […]

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Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe

The buttermilk in the dressing makes this cucumber salad extra creamy. I also really like cucumbers and dill mixed together. It’s a great summer salad and looks pretty enough for company. Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe 2 cups of peeled and sliced cucumbers 1/4 cup Vidalia onion (finely chopped) 1/2 cup cold buttermilk 3tbsp mayonnaise 1tbsp […]

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Cucumber Vinegar Salad

This is a super simple salad with just a few ingredients that’s perfect for hot summer days. It goes great with a light dinner be it fish or something from the grill. I have a bowl of this simple cucumber vinegar salad sitting in the fridge most days throughout the summer. Not only is it […]

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