Contact Info and FAQs

Hi All. I get a lot of emails along the same themes so I thought I’d save everyone some time and offer a few bits of information here.

1. Yes, I finally do have a newsletter that you can subscribe to. The signup box is in the upper left-hand corner of each page.

2. I would love to publish your recipes. If you have a special homemade dish, or an old family recipe you’d like to share, email it to me. If appropriate (and not copyrighted), I’ll be glad to add it to – It is however your responsibility to not submit any copyrighted material. In other words… don’t grab a recipe out of a cookbook or magazine and send it to me.

3. I do not have a secret stash of recipes. What you see here is what I have. As I create or discover new recipes, or retrieve lost ones, they go straight onto the site. If you are looking for a long lost recipe, email me your request at and I’ll be glad to include it in the “I’m looking for” section of a future newsletter issue.

4. I cannot change all of the measurements on my website to European or metric. I’m loathe to admit it, but I am not very good with the metric system. If you are from an area where American measuring tools are not available and you do not know how to change the measurements yourself, then I have a solution. Search the internet and find an inexpensive set of American measuring cups and spoons. Buy them and then use this set of measuring tools to prepare these recipes. The initial investment may be a little pricey because of the shipping costs, but the time and money you’ll save will make it worthwhile.

5. I am no longer able to answer all emails. I try to answer as many as possible. For the most part my answers are quick, short and to the point. I used to have time for chatty letters, but with parenting, and the increased traffic to the site, I just can’t maintain everything. My family has to come first. I do however have a wonderful assistant named Tracy who is kind enough to help me with all the emails. Don’t be surprised if you get a reply from her instead of me.

6. My priorities work like this:

1. God
2. Marriage
3. Kids & Family
4. Home, cleaning, hospitality etc.
5. Website
6. Email

You’ll notice that the website and email are down at the bottom of the list. When it takes me a while to repair links or answer questions, there is usually a very good reason. I’m taking care of other, more pressing responsibilities. Please be patient with me. Remember, I am not a professional, and this is not a professional website. I am very much an amateur and I will make mistakes.

7. If you are requesting permission to use a recipe please put “Recipe Permission” or something along those lines in the subject line of your email. I’ll get back to you sooner this way.

8. If you are a legitimate publisher or producer, or have a genuine business proposal please write something along those lines in the title of your email; you’ll get a faster response. After I ascertain the legitimacy of your proposal, I will share pertinent contact information.

9. If you want to debate the issue of margarine verses butter, please do so with yourself or with other folks who are interested in such a debate. I have made my choice regarding this issue and I do not have the time to revisit it.

10. My email address is

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