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10 Tips For Beating Rising Food Costs

Grocery prices have been going up and up over the past few years and there is no end in sight. I don’t know about you, but we’re spending a much bigger chunk of our budget on food these days. That means I’m making every penny count and doing my best to make smart purchases. Today […]

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Frugal Back To School Shopping

It’s that time of year again… summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school. That of course means back to school shopping. Or does it? I’m here with a couple of frugal strategies that will save you big. Looking at the news, magazines and what everyone is doing, you get the […]

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Planning Meals Day By Day

European market

I just got back from a short trip to Germany. I love how traveling to a different country gives me a fresh perspective on how I’m doing things here in the States. Today I want to talk to you about meal planning and grocery shopping. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you […]

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The Bargain Bin Cardigan

As you know I love knitting and am always looking for more frugal ways to find yarn. My friend Diana from has some great ideas to share with us today. She also kindly agreed to share one of her favorite baby sweater patterns with us. I think this would be a wonderful project to […]

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Kindness Matters

One of the best things about having this site is the ability to meet really special people. Today’s post was written by Rachel Martin of Once I decided to focus a bit on the kindness of people, I knew that Rachel was someone I wanted to share with you. She touches my heart.  I […]

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What To Do With All Those Holiday Leftovers

The turkey has been cooked and carved, everyone had too much food and the leftovers have been packed away. The big question now is what to do with them. Of course there’s the traditional turkey sandwich, but there’s so much more you can do with your Holiday leftovers. Since I spent a lot of time […]

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Fun Autumn Activities For Kids

Fall winds blow and leaves make their decent from tree limbs. It is the perfect time for fun autumn activities for kids. Here are some ways to have fun with your kids this fall: Create an Autumn Yard Collage This is a great way to get your kids involved in beautifying your front lawn for […]

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Make School Supply Shopping Easy

Shopping for school supplies can be nerve wracking to say the least but here are some simple tips to follow to stay sane during the back to school rush. Most schools offer a list of required school supplies that your child will need. If you can get your hands on a copy early enough you can […]

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