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Yard Sale Price Guide

You have decided to have a yard sale. You’ve been through all the rooms in your home, collected your items, placed them in piles for pricing, so now all you have to do is start tagging them. How much should you charge? In this article, I have put together a yard sale price guide to […]

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Yard Sale Tips

Yard sales are a quick and easy way to earn some extra money and get rid of some clutter from your home in the process. I have put together some great yard sale tips from my experience as the seller. The best time to hold a yard sale are the first and third weekends of […]

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Fiber Supplement Substitute

Do you currently take a fiber supplement or have considered taking one? Before you plunk down more than $10 a jar for a supplement that offers a few grams of fiber per serving, consider this: one half cup serving of Fiber One Original Cereal provides 14 grams of fiber and 60 calories. You can snack […]

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How To Freeze Individual Meal Portions

Previously, I shared a tip I had about container free storage that involved freezing items with a high moisture content (casseroles, sauces etc.)  Click on the link here:  container free freezer storage – maximizing freezer space This is about how to freeze individual items.  Here  is an example: I love making my mom’s Stuffed Banana Pepper recipe. […]

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Steps to a More Organized Home

Is clutter driving you crazy? Would you like to have a more organized home? I’ve put together a few steps you can take to make sure that your home life will be less cluttered and your stress level will be lower! Remember, an organized and tidy home is a happy home. By learning how to […]

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