Yard Sale Price Guide

You have decided to have a yard sale. You’ve been through all the rooms in your home, collected your items, placed them in piles for pricing, so now all you have to do is start tagging them. How much should you charge? In this article, I have put together a yard sale price guide to help you charge a fair amount for your items. By pricing them strategically, you will be assuring to have repeat customers in the future!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common items:

Books: paperbacks: 25 cents or 5/$1.00, hardcover books: 75 cents or 2/$1.00, reference, educational, hardcover dictionaries, thesaurus, etc.: $1 to $2

Media: CDs, VHS video tapes: $1, DVDs (recent): $3 to $5, Blue-Ray: $6-$8

Yard Sale Price GuideHousewares: dishes, glassware: 25 to 50 cents a piece, larger items (like casserole dishes) $1-$2, dish sets anywhere from $2 to $5, blankets, sheet sets, quilts, comforters, and curtains: $2 to $5, plastic containers (food and storage): 25 cents to $1, lamps: $5 and up if they’re nice, $1 or $2 if they’re cheaper versions, framed wall pictures and mirrors: $2 and up, kitchen electronics (slow cookers, coffee pots, tea kettles, gadgets): $2 to $5, freezers: $25 to $50, kitchen stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher: depends on how old they are, chances are they’re at least 10 yrs old: $25 to $75; five years or newer can be sold for $100-$150

Electronics: DVD players: $20, CD players: $10, VCRs: $5 to $10, combo sets: $30, old TVs: $10 to $25, up to $40 depending on how old it is. If it’s in good shape and fairly new (up to 5 years old) and with a remote, I’ve been able to sell it for $75 to $100, video gaming systems (depends on how new it is–$5-$35 high end), video games–$1-$6

Furniture: bookcases, desks & shelving–If it’s real wood and in good shape: $10 up to $25. For fake material such as particle board or composite wood: $5, sofas, chairs: $30 to $100, coffee tables, end tables: $10 to $25, kitchen table and chairs: $20 to $50

Toys: bikes: depending on the style–really old ones: $5. newer models: $25 to $75 (depends how expensive that type of bike is new), toys and stuffed animals: 25 cents to $3 (high end for really nice and fairly new toys), board games (complete): $1 to $3, puzzles (complete): 50 cents to a $1

Men Items: BBQs (propane, good condition): $15 to $25, up to $40 if it’s fairly new and in excellent shape, charcoal BBQ Grills $5, lawn mowers: $10 to $25 (depends how old/new it is–you could go higher if it’s a newer mower)

Clothing: baby clothes– the price depends entirely upon condition and brand. If it’s from baby gap or Gymboree and has a tag on it, $5.00 and up should be reasonable. If there is no tag or it’s been worn than $3.00 or less is more appealing. If there are stains or damaged clothing it can be thrown in a donation/free box which will entice other purchases, Plain tee shirts -.25-50 cents, Brand name polos or trendy brands – $3-$5, plain blue jeans – $1.00, brand name jeans – $3.00, fleeces, jackets, coats, and other winter gear – $4.00, dresses & skirts – $2-$5, items with tags still attached – $10.00 or 70% of original retail price whichever is more reasonable, pocketbook and purses – depending on brand name $3-$50, ties – $1.00 or bulk deals such as 10 for $6.00, shoes–$3-$5

If you are unsure about an item, try looking high dollar items up on Craiglist and seeing what they are going for and price yours accordingly. What you don’t sell at your yard sale, try posting the items on Craiglist and see if you can sell it that way. Always remember, what is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

p.s. If the thought of  hauling tons of stuff out to your front lawn, then sitting out there in the hot sun for hours, and hours, and hours, isn’t very appealing to you, perhaps you should rethink that traditional yard sale.

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