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The Hillbilly Housewife's Tasty Bites

I grew up with a gardening dad. He still has a large garden and grows almost all the produce for the family. As kids, my sister and I had plenty of chores to do in the garden. It wasn’t always fun and as a young adult, I was pretty sure I’d never have more than […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Shopping List

Frugal Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

The following is a short excerpt from the Hillbilly Housewife Thanksgiving Planner available from Amazon. I hope you find my frugal shopping tips helpful as you prepare for Thanksgiving.  Shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner can put quite a dent into your grocery budget for that week (or even all of … [Read More...]

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Bowl of  queso dip and nachos

Creamy Queso Dip

Since the last two recipes were so well received, I thought I'd share another one from the “My Best Dip Recipes” cookbook with you. This one is always a big hit at potlucks and of course when you have a bunch of people over to watch the ballgame. It's a delicious and flavorful cheese dip. Cheese, … [Read More...]

Pumpkin dip in small glass cups with bread crisps

Creamy Pumpkin Dip Recipe

I love a nice pumpkin pie, but don’t always feel like baking. This dip is a quick yummy snack that gives you the same sweet pumpkin flavor without the oven. It’s great served with fresh fruit or your favorite simple cookies. Perfect for the holidays when all you really want is a little bite of … [Read More...]

Honey Mustard Dip and a Pretzel Dog

Honey Mustard Dip Recipe

Since it's Football season (and Friday), I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes from the "My Best Dip Recipes" cookbook with y'all today. This dip is great with cut up veggies, but to be honest, I love it with some fresh baked pretzels. Or try making up a batch to use as a chicken dip, … [Read More...]

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Candy Corn Covered Pumpkin

Candy Corn Covered Pumpkin – Frugal Tip

Here’s a cute little pumpkin idea that will have your pumpkin lasting longer. Instead of carving it, cover it in candy corn pieces. For an everlasting piece, glue the candy pieces to a plastic pumpkin and cover everything with modge podge. Just use a glue gun to attach the pieces and leave the … [Read More...]

Best way to store onions

How To Store Onions – Frugal Tip

Onions are something I almost always have around. They are so versatile and add a nice burst of flavor to soups, stews and sandwiches. The most economical way to buy onion is in a large bag, but how often do the last few start to rot before you get a chance to use them? The problems start when … [Read More...]

How To Clean Your Dishwasher with Baking Soda and Vinegar

How To Clean Your Dishwasher with Vinegar And Baking Soda

You regularly clean your fridge, your oven and even run some vinegar water through your coffee maker... but how often do you clean your dishwasher? If you have an older model like me, you'll notice that your glasses aren't getting quite as shiny and clean and there may even be a bit of a smell to … [Read More...]

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