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5 Tips To Speed Up Your Grilling Time

Speed Up Your Grilling – 5 Tips For A Faster Meal

Grilling can sometimes be a bit of a process. From marinating your food, to waiting for the grill to heat up, and standing there watching and turning, turning and watching, it can be sort of tedious.  But, only if you let it be. If there was a way to speed up the process, wouldn't you jump all … [Read More...]

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Tasty Bites

The Hillbilly Housewife's Tasty Bites

Many of you know that we are a culturally mixed household. My husband is from the South, I’m from Germany. Since getting married we have blended our two cultures as much as possible. Our Christmases growing up have been very different. Mine was less about presents and more about the spiritual and religious aspects of […]

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Plate of a delicious summer salad with strawberries and poppy seed dressing

Strawberry Romaine Salad With Poppy Seed Dressing

We eat a lot of salads around here, especially in the warm summer months. They go great with grilled food and often make a main dish for lunch or dinner. I'm always on the lookout for a fresh take on eating our greens. Last summer I feel in love with the combination of strawberries and romaine … [Read More...]

Bowl of Homemade Chocolate Gravy

Old Fashioned Chocolate Gravy

The recipe I am looking for was a chocolate gravy my grandmother used to make in a skillet on top of the  stove. I know it had cocoa and sugar in  it and it tasted like warm chocolate pudding. It was made kind of like a milk gravy. Thank you, Mary From The Hillbilly Housewife  I haven't … [Read More...]

A fellow HBHW reader is looking for a recipe for soft pineapple cookies. Can you help?

Pineapple Cookie Recipe

I am looking for a recipe for pineapple cookies my mom use to make. They were soft and had bits of pineapple in them, so delicious. Since her and my grandma are now in a better place, I can't find anyone that knows how to make them. Please help if you can. Thanks, Rene Do you have a recipe … [Read More...]

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Frugal Living

Do you know what goes on your dinner table?

Know What Goes On The Dinner Table – Frugal Tip

I love getting emails from Hillbilly Housewife readers. It always makes my day to hear how what I'm sharing here on the blog and in my eBooks is helping others. It's what keeps me going :) Yesterday I got one such email from Anne. She writes: I use a lot of your homemade convenience foods... I'm … [Read More...]

Marinating Cheaper Cuts of Meat  - Frugal Tip

Marinate Before You Grill – Frugal Tip

With summer on the way it's time to clean of the grill. Sure it's nice to grill up a nice steak, some chicken breast or put a chunk of salmon on a cedar plank. Expensive cuts of meat and fish make it easy to end up with a tender and flavorful grilled meal. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a … [Read More...]

Checking the Freshness of Yeat

Checking Yeast For Freshness – Frugal Tip

There's nothing worse than having a nice loaf of bread starting to bake in the oven or the breadmaker, only to discover that it isn't rising properly because your yeast is less than fresh. There's a simple test you can do to see if your yeast still rises properly. All you need is a 2 cup glass … [Read More...]

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