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The Kitchen Command Center

The Family Command Center – One Spot To Keep You Organized

I originally wrote this article for the February issue of the Homemaker's Hutch digital magazine but wanted to share it with you here as well.  As your family grows and the kids get older, it starts to get harder and harder to keep track of everything that’s going on. There are school functions, … [Read More...]

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Tasty Bites

The Hillbilly Housewife's Tasty Bites

Many of you know that we are a culturally mixed household. My husband is from the South, I’m from Germany. Since getting married we have blended our two cultures as much as possible. Our Christmases growing up have been very different. Mine was less about presents and more about the spiritual and religious aspects of […]

Frugal Recipes

Homemade Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash

Do you remember eating Goulash made with ground beef and elbow macaroni as a kid? It was a very popular dish in the 70s. It's easy to make, tasty and very frugal. It's one of our go-to meals when we don't know what to cook. I love the fact that I basically just need to brown the ground beef and … [Read More...]

Plate of Bean and Beef Enchiladas

Beef Bean Enchilada

Enchiladas is one of my favorite comfort foods and we have it on the menu quite often. The recipe below makes a nice big pan of beef and bean enchiladas. There is usually enough for dinner and a few leftovers for lunch. You can make them with the corn tortillas as suggested, or replace them with … [Read More...]

Creamy Potato and Leek Soup

Creamy Leek Potato Soup

On a cold winter day like today, there's nothing better than a nice warm bowl of soup. I thought I'd share a simple recipe with you today that I'm about to make for dinner. I've been cooking this for a few years and published it in my "St. Patrick's Day Kindle Book". Enjoy! 5.0 from 1 … [Read More...]

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Frugal Living

Make Notepads From Scrap Paper

DIY notepads

Submitted by a HBHW Reader: I make my own notepads by cutting copy paper sheets into the desired sized and bind them together with a rubber band. What's more - I do quite a bit of printing for business purposes, and often get a bad copy of something (or those sheets the printer uses to align the … [Read More...]

Frugal Tip - Using old envelopes as scratch paper

Using Old Envelopes – Frugal Tip

No matter what we do, we get quite a bit of junk mail and of course there are bills coming in each week. It all adds up to quite a bit of paper, particularly from the envelopes. If you look at an envelope, there's quite a bit of white paper to work with. I used to take it all straight to … [Read More...]

Cooking Potatoes In The Microwave for quick frugal meals

Microwaving Potatoes – Frugal Tip

Let's talk about potatoes today. They are a great frugal staple. You can buy them inexpensively, or if you're so inclined you can also easily grow them in your yard. I prefer to buy them and use my limited gardening space to grow more expensive foods (herbs, lettuce, tomatoes etc.). I always have … [Read More...]

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