Inexpensive Easy To Make Christmas Gift Ideas – Gifts In A Jar

Gifts In A JarOne of my favorite gifts to give is a jar of a baking, soup or drink mix. They are always well received. They make the perfect inexpensive and easy to make Christmas gifts.

Love to make gingerbread cookies?  Why not put the ingredients in a jar; write the recipe on red construction paper; cut the construction paper to the circumference of the jar; and wrap the construction paper around the front of the jar with white ribbon. Place a green bow on top of the lid of the jar.

Brownies are a wonderful gift anytime of year, but especially during Christmas.  Find your favorite brownie recipe and put the ingredients into a jar.  Type up the recipe, roll it up, and place the rolled recipe into jar along with the ingredients.  Wrap the jar in color cellophane, and tie the cellophane with red ribbon.

Have you seen those spice green and red candies?  There are sold in most supermarkets. This would make a perfect Christmas gift in a jar.

Jelly beans in a jar are another traditional Christmas gift.  Easy, fun, delicious, and low in calories as well.

M&M’s in a jar is another wonderful Christmas treat.  Buy a bag of red and green M&M’s, either plain or with nuts, and fill up a jar as a Christmas gift which anyone would love to receive.

A traditional Christmas gift in a jar is the colorful hard candies, such as peppermint sticks; Christmas hard candies with filling; red and white mint swirl candies.

For chocolate lovers, why not put chocolate pretzels in a jar.  Chocolate pretzels come in packages, and are available in your local supermarket.  What a sweet treat this gift would make.

How about theme gifts in a jar?  Examples are: Chocolate golf balls; chocolate baseballs; chocolate footballs; chocolate soccer balls.  Any of these fun theme gifts would be a hit with anyone who enjoys these sports.

Some of my favorite jar gifts are mixes for fancy beverages including cafe late mix, bavarian mint coffee mix and of course rich hot cocoa mix.

No matter what you choose; traditional; off-beat; baked or bought, making easy Christmas gifts in a jar is fun and allows you to be as creative as you want to be. Gifts in a jar can be an inexpensive treat to give to your colleagues at work; your friends, and even your family members.

The best part is you can go to your supermarket or shopping club and stock up on your favorite candies and chocolates, to make as many jars of treats as you need.

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Christian Jewelry - December 9, 2009

Great ideas!
Thank You

Jackie - December 9, 2009

I can’t find your story of the poinsettia. Help

rebecca - December 10, 2009

i didn’t get back to your website in time to get the reduced price on the bundle of booklets–any chance you’d be giving extentions or repeating the special before christmas? Was looking forward to having those ideas for the upcoming year:-(

Dawn - December 10, 2009

I like to make this curried rice mix:

The “ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS FOR RICE” are for each batch of rice. I omit the salt, dried onion, and butter (just add a little more water).

A nice variation is to use couscous instead of rice. Then to cook, you just pour the indicated amount of boiling water over the mix, stir, let sit for 5 minutes, and eat.

deanna - January 8, 2010

Kids love dipping pretzels in melted chocolate – and they can add their own personal touch by drizzling with white chocolate, or sprinkling crushed Heath cany bars, chopped M&M’s, or little colored sprinkles on top.
I like to dip pretzel rods in caramel,crushed nuts, then chocolate, and then decorate.

Harry - May 8, 2010

This is a lovely idea. A variation that I’ve done in the past is little stitched up drawstring bags. I fill them with little goodies. I’ve made them and put little posh chocolate bits in or handmade soap (or such like). The jar is a good idea. Thank you

deanna - October 31, 2010

I’ve given homemade gifts forever. If you can make chocolate covered cherries, chocolate dipped pretzels, or homemade soap – do it because people appreciate the time that you took to do something special for them. If you make an awesome spaghetti sauce or salsa, give it in a gift basket with it’s need accompaniment.

I was short on time one year, so I purchased several 1 lb. blocks of cheese. I cut each type of cheese into a few pieces, wrapped in plastic wrap and sealed with my iron. I was able to pack these small cheeses along with crackers and fruit into baskets and give as gifts.

I’m thinking about giving this type of gift basket again this year. Maybe I will add zucchini muffins or a baguette with some homemade flavored olive oil.

Think about the recipient and what they would like. Hand embroidered napkins maybe?

Lydia - December 6, 2011

There are several recipes online for home made sugar body scrub. This year I will be making them in three scents and I will pack it in small mason jars using some cute fabric on the top, with a pretty label. I think these will be a hit for the ladies!

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