Homemade Shampoo And Conditioner

Do you have any recipes for homemade shampoo and conditioner? My wife spends a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner, and she uses a whole bunch of it all the time, especially the conditioner, which is the most expensive. Those bottles cost a small fortune. Thanks.

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Mary - August 15, 2012

I use baking soda diluted in water. Then apple cider vinegar only on the ends. It takes a month or 2 for your hair to get used to no build up. I only use a gentle leave-in conditioner during the winter months. Google the no poo movement and you’ll get a bunch of sites to look at.

Sheri J - August 19, 2012

Haven’t tried this but I found it while searching for solutions on the web.


I do recall as a child using a vinegar rinse after shampooing. I don’t know why or what effect it had but it wasn’t harmful.

Pam - August 21, 2012

I have never tried homemade / natural shampoo. I do however use vinegar from time to time as a conditioner. I also use it before I wash my hair. Vinegar takes out the hair products and leaves my hair feeling and looking very soft.

Gluten Free Mom - August 21, 2012

I have been using baking soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner. I actually just posted on my blog about using these two frugal and effective concoctions.

LIz Walker - August 23, 2012

I too use baking soda, 1T in a cup of water, pour it on, it will fizz at the very first, rub it in, then rinse.
Same with the vinegar, however I use white vinegar because it’s cheaper, 1T vinegar in a cup of water, pour it on, leave it on while I wash, then rinse. I have not bought a bottle of shampoo in 2 years now. I now have short hair but we grew up using vinegar as a cream rinse after shampooing.

Lisa - October 1, 2012

Baking soda is very drying.

Actually, any shampoo will do. Just get VO5, Suave, or White Rain, for instance. They are very reasonably priced.

Conditioner is more important. There are many homemade ones you can make, or you can buy fairly inexpensive ones that are good. You need to go by your hair type to figure out what will work best. And if the hair is short, she probably doesn’t even need conditioner.

    bonnie - January 26, 2014

    VO5, Suave, White Rain are cancer causing chemical concoctions. Its not just about saving money it is about health.

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