Back To School Breakfast Ideas

School is about to start in our neck of the woods. In fact we just got back from a “Back to School” bash where we met the new teacher. I’m excited to get back in the school year routine but there’s one thing we struggle with year after year – Breakfast. My daughter isn’t a morning person (neither am I) and has a hard time eating anything right after getting up. It’s not much of an issue during the summer months. We start with a late breakfast and then have lunch in the early afternoon. But with school about to start and a late school lunch, we have no choice but to make sure she’s eating a good breakfast before heading out in the mornings.


Homemade Frozen Pancakes and Waffles

If there’s one thing I can almost always count on to be a breakfast hit it’s pancakes. Waffles are a close second. I love making them homemade, but most school mornings there just isn’t time (I did mention I’m not a morning person, right). What I do instead is bake a big batch on the weekend (or on a rainy afternoon) and freeze them.

Just start with your favorite pancake recipe or homemade waffle recipe and bake them up as usual. Next get out some cookie sheets and line them with wax paper. Lay out the cooked pancakes and waffles in a single layer. Top it with more wax paper and add another layer. Stick the cookie sheets in the freezer until your pancakes or waffles are frozen solid. This shouldn’t take more than an hour or two (less if you’re only freezing a single layer). Once they are frozen solid, you can move the pancakes and waffles to freezer bags and take them out as needed.

To reheat the frozen pancakes and waffles you can stick them in the microwave, heat them in a dry skillet or stick them in the toaster oven.
Oatmeal Bar

This is super simple, but works like a charm. Set out bowls, dry oatmeal and various toppings from dried fruits and nuts to apple sauce and jellies. Each family member can fix their own oatmeal in the microwave (help younger children of course) and choose toppings. It’s amazing how much more likely kids are to eat something when they had a chance to fix it themselves and choose some of the ingredients. Plus it’s healthy, quick and frugal. Check out this blog post on how to make your own instant oatmeal for more tips and ideas.

Granola Bars

On days when I can’t get her to eat a decent breakfast at home, I make her eat at least a granola bar in the car on the way to school. Along with a cup of milk or a juice box it’s enough to keep her going until lunch time. Here’s my favorite recipe for homemade peanut butter granola bars. They also work well as a mid-morning snack that you can pack in the book bag.

You can bake up all sorts of different muffins and freeze them. Take the frozen muffins out when you first get up. Allow them to thaw on the counter for a bit, then warm them up in the toaster oven or microwave and serve. Here are some of my favorite freezer muffin recipes.

I’m sure you have some great ideas that have worked for you in the past or are currently working. Share them as a comment below.

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