Quick & Easy Garlic Bread Sticks

  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon dry parsley (optional, for decoration)
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup margarine (1 stick)
  • 1 more teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)

These are good and easy and they get eaten up so fast that you may have to make a double batch.

Begin with your favorite big bowl. Measure your flour, salt, garlic powder, parsley and baking powder into it. Stir the dry ingredients together so that the salt, garlic powder, parsley and baking powder are evenly distributed throughout the flour. Now pour in your milk. Stir with a big spoon until you get a ball of dough that leaves the sides of the bowl. You may have to dust the ball of dough with a little flour if it seems sticky to you. Gently knead the ball of dough right there in the bowl about 5 or 6 times. Now place your dough on the counter. You may place a sheet of waxed paper under it you like. Using a rolling pin or sturdy bottle roll the dough out into a rectangle shape. If the edges get all scraggly then use your hands to press them back up into main rectangle. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You are aiming for a rectangle that will fit into a 9 by 13-inch pan. When you get the dough the right size, set it aside.

Meanwhile place the margarine in a 9 by 13-inch pan. Place the pan in the oven at 425°. Allow the pan to preheat and the margarine to melt. When the margarine is melted, carefully remove the pan from the oven. It will be very hot, so don’t burn yourself. Sprinkle the second teaspoon of garlic powder and the 1/2-teaspon of salt into the pan. You do not have to use the extra salt. My crew likes their bread sticks salty so I always use it, but it isn’t vital. Now, very carefully lay your rectangle of dough into the pan, over top of the margarine. Next cut the rectangle into narrow strips. I use a pizza cutter for this because it seems to work the best. A sharp knife will work too though, so use what you have available. My method of cutting is to cut the dough in half and then cut each half in half and then each quarter in half, going on and on until I have a lot of narrow strips of dough. The margarine will creep up between the strips. This is normal. It is what gives these bread sticks their texture. After cutting your strips, place the pan in the oven, still at 425°, and bake them for 20 minutes. They will be brown and crispy when they are done. If desired you may serve them with small cups or bowls of spaghetti sauce or seasoned tomato sauce as a dip. Alternatively, they make a great hot bread with any Italian style meal like lasagna, spaghetti or anything of that ilk.

The parsley is simply for decoration. It makes the bread sticks look more “gourmet” but it adds little to the flavor or the texture. Leave it out if you don’t have any or are running low. If desired you may sprinkle the bread sticks with a little bit of parmesan cheese before or after baking. This tastes good, but once again, it is optional. This recipe is one of my most often requested one here at home. Family and friends alike have all fallen in love with it and beg me to make it for pot lucks and for regular family dinners. Essentially it is based on my recipe for Buttery Bread Sticks.

Here’s another great bread recipe. It’s a carrot banana bread recipe that’s as healthy as it is delicious.

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  1. I love this recipe! I tweaked it a bit and instead of parsley I added Rosemary! Yum!

  2. Karen Perri says:

    HI Everyone,
    I have just tried this recipe and it was a hit. I used real garlic (since I grow a lot) and put fresh Italian flat leaf parsley through it. Fabulous.This hillbilly cooking is what everyone should be cooking using real food instead of processed rubbish. Well Done!
    I live in New Zealand and we are not as far down the track of not cooking from scratch – I always do and if you don’t mind, I would like to use this recipe in my next cooking class at the local community centre here in Auckland

    • The Hillbilly Housewife says:

      Hi Karen, of course you are welcome to use the recipe in your local cooking class. I’d appreciate if you could mention my website as the source for the recipe. – Susanne

  3. Hello everyone! This recipe looks great! However, my son is allergic to milk. I can easily substitute the regular butter for Fleishmann’s salt-free that has no milk in it, but concerned about the regular milk ingredient. Has anyone tried it with soy milk, and if so, can you tell me how it worked out for you? I’m short on time, but love homemade ingredients for us. I have a hard time getting calories into him because of the milk allergy and also because he has some jaw difficulties, so a recipe like this one would really help! I just would hate to make it and have it flop, wasting good food and time. Plus, I am not that experienced of a cook, so any input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much in advance for anyone who can help!!

    • Pam, I am sure soy milk will work just fine. I have made many kinds of bread, some don`t use milk at all just water, but soy milk will be a great substitute/

    • My husband is also lactose intolerant I just use plain water if we dony have lactaid it comes out fine

  4. I am bread making challenged and these were so easy to make. So easy that I thought I was doing it wrong! :o) Seriously, these were so good. I also substituted parsley for rosemary and I served them with beef stew. The bread was a bigger hit then the stew that took all day to cook. Figures.

  5. When I first try a new recipe I am careful to follow it exactly. I was terribly disappointed in this one. The dough was so tough to work with when I was tryinng to knead it in the bowl…dry and unpliable. I finally ended up throwing it onto the wax paper and attemping to make it useful in some way. My arms almost went on strike before I was done kneading and rolling. The rectangle sure wasn’t pretty but it was the best I could do with such an unyielding, shrinking mass of dough. The flavor was alright but nothing spectacular, especially when I factor in the hassles I encountered. I wonder what went wrong?? (I am quite an experienced cook, this shouldn’t have stumped me!) I love the idea of serving these with pasta and sauces but will have to look for a recipe that doesn’t test my sanity so much! :)

    • melissa says:

      Mine was a bit dry as well, but I kept adding milk until it wasn’t so crumbly. (But I also used a cup of whole wheat flour and 2 cups of white flour, so maybe that’s why?)

  6. I made these bread sticks with soy milk and half whole wheat flour and they were so delicious! The dough was a little dry to start, but I kept kneading it and it turned out fine. Might be because I used part whole wheat flour. Thanks for this great recipe!

  7. Hey ya’ll…these were better then I thought they would be as dry as the dough was after I got dun mixin it up…My girl wants me to mke them again tonight with our pasghetti…Thanks alot for the simple recipe that I didnt have to run to the store fer anything. Have a good one!

  8. Barbara Pfieffer says:

    I made this tonight. I ended up adding about a 1/4 cup more of milk to make it come to a ball. It baked up in about 20 minutes. Firm, tasty, would be great for dipping in marinara or sopping up stew. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. I know this is an old post but I was wondering if these freeze well? Love the website it has helped me save so much money at the grocery store.

  10. I made these using butter rather than margarine. I thought the dough was a little too dry, so I added an extra splash of milk. They came out very good and my whole passel of young’uns loved them! I’m adding this recipe to “the list”.

  11. I made these up earlier in the day with the idea of doing the final 20 minute baking at suppertime. Not a good idea….our son liked them, but hubby and I thought they were horrible! Have to try again another time and bake when serving.

  12. Cutting these in the pan was a bit of a hassle to me. I found it easier to cut them with a pizza cutter while they are on the counter and then lay them in the 9×13 pan.
    Good recipe, thanks.

  13. ewwwwwwww! these are tough and not good. Too much butter and dry and not fluffy. No thanks!

    • Dena- we use half the butter. I’ve cooked this quite a few times and never found it too tough. Perhaps you didn’t use enough baking powder or milk? You should give it another try! We love this recipe!

      • Shannon I agree!~~ I make this all the time, and I still find myself adding extra milk or baking powder. This recipe has a mind of its own at times!~ lol…I have even shaped the dough into little bowls and when done baking filled with macaroni,mmm its so good, and my kids love it. Sometimes I have to try a recipe several times before I get it right. And some people just dont have the patience to try again.

  14. Carol Cripps says:

    I’ve used a similar recipe for years, and it’s always been a hit. This one is easier, though, since you cut the dough in the pan, instead of turning the sticks to coat them with the garlic butter. Thanks for sharing it, and I know I’m going to use it often.

  15. Awful recipe.

  16. Sherry Lynn says:

    This is nothing more than a flavored biscuit dough. Nothing exciting-you could mix up Bisquick for the same results.

  17. Ben Salden says:

    easy.. and good…. might add a few things……thanks

  18. I used my basic white bread recipe but baked it with this method and these were terrific!

  19. Sorry, these weren’t good. I made them because I didn’t have time to do breadsticks with yeast. I knew they would taste different, but these just weren’t good. They were so dense, basically like a biscuit. I even added more milk, as other comments suggest, and they still weren’t good. Sorry.

  20. please can you give me the meaning of garlic stick bread? thank you very much for your advices. this is for my school purposes.

  21. hi,

    I tried this reciepe, this was the first time i baked some bread – so i guess it came out good… i am not that good at baking things, just started with few experiments…

    The bread came out well in taste, but in the middle of the bread it was so dense and its not fluffy and soft, the upper part is also so hard — we were able to eat it, but it is not soft.

    1cup of milk was not sufficient so i used another 1/4th cup of water to get the dough perfect. All other things are perfectly followed as per the recipe.

    can any body suggest me the changes that need to make so that i can get it perfectly done??

    And also if video can be uploaded for all those recipes given that will be a great help for the new learners.

    thanks and regards

  22. I made these and my children loved them i will add more garlic next time i didnt use as much as i should have but i am about to make another batch for my parents so well see how much better theyl taste:)

  23. I’ve read recently that bread gets tough when over kneaded because it over stimulates the gluten. Maybe this is the issue many here are having. I’m about to try this recipe myself so we shall see! I hope it’s wonderful! I’ve just recently started making bread at home and don’t like to use yeast.

  24. So perfect. I cut the recipe in half because they keep coming out too think and doughy… I don’t thin them enough before I bake them.
    I just went crazy doing a last minute baked spaghetti (I don’t feel like going to the grocery today) and couldn’t find this and have been frantic for about 15 minutes.
    So glad you shared this. This will be in my recipe box (maybe even committed to memory soon) forever!

  25. This is a winner recipie! Thank you for sharing! I used butter instead of margarine. This is soooo much better than any garlic bread in the frozen food section! ;) Defiinately putting this recipie in our favorites binder!

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