Whole Chickens

This is probably already submitted, but just in case. First, I purchase whole chickens (the fattest I can find) that way I pay for more meat with paying for those bones once.

I roast it for one meal. If it is big enough I pull off enough meat for a second meal like chicken and rice or something that required less meat.

Next I save the carcass and use my pressure cooker to make stock, I pick off all the left over meat (which is usually a lot). I have found I can cook it twice with carrots and onions and herbs. I can get twice as much stock out of it cooking it twice.

The pressure cooker really gets the flavor out of the carcass and makes a healthy stock. I have not had to purchase chicken stock in years and have had lots of healthy stock around the house.

I freeze or can the extra stock. I also think having good homemade stock through the winter keeps the family healthy.

Homemade chicken soup even when I don’t have a chicken.

So to recap, I usually get two meals and four quarts of stock from each chicken.

Lastly, if this seems like too much work or you don’t have time… I also freeze my carcass’ and use my large pressure canner to make huge pots of stock out of several at a time. That way I get two or three done at once and I dont’ have to do it as often. Hope this helps someone.

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