White Christmas Cookies

White Christmas is a traditional cookie made in Australia for Christmas time. As an educational treat for my homeschooled children, each year we pick a place on the globe to learn about the traditions and culture behind how that location celebrates the Christmas season. This year was Australia and this was a recipe given to me by an Aussie friend of mine and the kids new holiday favorite.


250g(8oz)copha(vegetable shortening),3 cups rice bubbles(rice crispies),

1 cup coconut,3/4 cup (powdered)icing sugar,1 cup powdered milk,30g(1oz)mixed peel,30g(1oz)preserved ginger,30g glace apricots, 30g glace pineapple,1/4 cup sultanas(grapes), 30g glace cherries.


Melt chopped copha over a gentle heat,combine rice bubbles,coconut,sifted icing sugar,powdered milk and chopped friuts, mix well.Add melted copha and mix thoroughly, press mixture into lightly greased or paper lined lamington tin(or anything you would typically put rice crispy treats in to form).

Refrigerate until firm , cut into bars for serving.

NOTE: for a more economical confection, replace glace fruits with 1 cup mixed fruit,(keeping the sultanas)as well

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