Tubani is a food found in Benin. it is made with bean flour.

take any sort of bean flour and mix it with enough water to make it like cake batter.. or thin enough to run off your hands but thick enough to make a peak. you can add a bit of salt. that is it.

now take a pot and cover the bottom with forks and spoons (unless you have a steamer) and then find some empty cans or if you want big leaves that are edible meaning not toxic, and put this bean paste in. for the cans fill them half full.. for the leaves put in a spoonful and fold the leaves up like a pocket.

place them in layers on the forks and spoons all the while the water is boiling. when it is full cover the pot well and let it steam. check for water.. you may need to add some.

when the tubani is firm it is done. leaves will be done before the cans. the leaves take about 20 min.

when it is firm, peal off the leaves and put the tubani on the plate with sauce below.
it is eaten with chopped tomatoes and onions fried in oil with some seasoning salt and a tiny bit of water. or with oil and ground hot red pepper and salt.

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