Tips To Organize Your Home

There are ways to make sure that once you organize your home it stays organized! There is nothing like spending hours getting everything put away only to look around a month later and notice that all your hard work has been for nothing.

I've put together a few tips that should help you stay on top of the clutter and keep things organized once and for all!

For the Kitchen

To keep your kitchen organized, purchase some inexpensive baskets at the dollar store to use for storage. I have some in my spoon drawer for each of my eating utensils. When I need forks for dinner time, I pull the whole basket out and when I am done, I put it away. I also use those same kind of baskets for packets of seasoning, cake decorating supplies, and my napkins. It helps them stay neat and organized and not just being thrown in a drawer or under the cabinet somewhere.

For the Kids Toys

One of my favorite organizing tools for the kids toys is a behind-the-door shoe organizer! These work great for Barbie dolls, cars, action figures, Legos—whatever little toys that always make messes on the floor and stay scattered! You can also use a sheet to create a stuffed animal net. This will allow your child's room to have that “put together” and still leave the kids access to play with all their favorite goodies!

For the Bathroom

I don't know about you, but in our family—we go through a lot of towels! To keep our towels and washcloths more organized, we purchased coordinating colors for each member of the family. This way, whenever the laundry is done or someone needs to take their dirty laundry to the washing machine, I know who to go to. (You would not believe how this small step has saved on arguments and organizing all at the same time).

Another quick “stay organized”  tip for the bathroom is to use the drawers under the sink for your make-up needs instead of the counter. By using the drawer, your clutter is not left on the counter leaving the top looking more organized!

For the Living Area

Every night before going to bed, straighten the living area as best as you can. Pick up cups, plates, books, etc.–anything that has been left behind and clean up and straighten just this one room. When you get up the next morning and find it put together, it will help your day to start off more smoothly.

For the Bedroom

To keep your bedroom organized, don't let it become the catch-all area for everything in your home! (I speak from experience here). Whatever you bring to your bedroom, immediately put it away so that it does not start taking up space in your sleeping area. There is nothing like waking up to mounds of clutter in your bedroom!

To stay organized, start small. Add a couple of things to your routine each day and before you know it you will be more organized and feel less overwhelmed by the clutter!

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