Tip For Cracking Walnuts

Paris is one of my favorite cities. I grew up just 4 short hours drive from it and have been there several times. 2 years ago we got a chance to stay for a couple of days while we were visiting family in Germany and had a chance to show our daughter some of our favorite Parisian sights. And of course sample some of the delicious food.

Coming across a blog in English by a French Foodie living in Paris was like hitting the jackpot. It’s a fun read and a great way to explore new foods. Clotilde from ChocolateandZucchini.com not only shares her favorite foods but has plenty of kitchen tips on her blog as well.

Take this post on how to open a walnut without a nutcracker for example. Very helpful stuff.

I own a nutcracker. I know I do… in fact, I’m pretty sure I own more than one, but can I ever find that thing when I bring home a bag of nuts in their shell? Of course not. I’m pretty sure those nutcrackers hide themselves until they are no longer needed. In which case they suddenly make an appearance in my utensil drawer.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, click through to her post for a step by step photo tutorial on how to crack open a walnut with a regular butter knife.


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