The Thrifty Versatility Of Pita

Pita or Pitta is Middle-Eastern bread flat bread, similar to a tortilla (a little thicker and airy) or naan (less dense).
You can buy it from Middle Eastern and Turkish stores, continental delis and some markets.
I am lucky enough to have a middle-eastern store close by that sells all the Pita really cheaply at the end of the day.
You can also make it; it’s very easy and inexpensive.
Here’s a recipe:

Just yeast, flour, sugar and water. Those are all ingredients that I always have a lot of.
If you like, you can use whole wheat, for the extra fibre and nutrients.

So what’s so great about Pita? Well, for starters, it can keep about a week in the pantry/bread bin. It freezes really well – up to a month, but I’ve had some longer than before and it’s been fine.

Here are some ways you can use pita.

– As a wrap instead of sandwiches (which can get boring) for school and work lunches or lunch.
– As a base for ‘Pita Pizzas’ – just add a little tomato puree, some chopped vegetables and cheese and pop in the oven until the cheese is melted and golden. Takes about 20 mins including prep and kids love them!
– Eating leftovers. As mentioned on this site, the bad thing about leftovers can be eating the same thing over and over – eating with Pita changes it completely. I eat leftover pasta sauce, leftover casseroles, leftover chilli, (the list is endless) with a pita that’s been in the oven for 5 mins. This is a good way of making sure those little bits and pieces of leftovers get eaten and that they are filling.
– Use in place of tortillas for all sorts of Mexican foods – burritos, quesadillas, fajitas etc
– Brush with a little olive oil, some salt (and finely chopped herbs, if you please) and bake in a moderate oven until crunchy. Cut into triangles and serve as is or with dips for a great snack for entertaining.
– For breakfast. A great alternative for toast, especially on the go. Spread with Jam (or whatever you like), roll up and eat.

As you can see, Pita can be used as an alternative for lots of things. Because of this, you might ask what’s the point?
They are so versatile! And stocking up on one thing – that’s cheap or cheap and easy to make – that can be used in so many ways is, in my opinion, one of the fundamentals of being thrifty.

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