Tackle Weeds In Garden With Vinegar

The following is a HBHW reader tip. Thanks so much for sharing this all natural weed killer tip. 

I have a small plot of land I like to call my vegetable garden.  In my attempt at gardening, I have tried a variety of mulches (like paper, straw, etc.) to keep down the weeds, but there are always a few stubborn ones that come through.

Since I don’t like to use anything chemical on or around my vegetable plants, I’ve found using just plain old white vinegar in a spray bottle works well to keep the weeds a t a minimum.  I use the vinegar full strength and spray all over the ground around my vegetable plants.  This seems to work just fine as a preventative measure.  I do this on a dry day as rain would wash away the benefits of the vinegar.

If the weeds are too aggressive (like dandelions), I take a bottle of vinegar out to the garden with me and pour a little directly on top of each weed poking up through the mulch.


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