Tackle The Junk Drawer

This is the second post in a 7 Day series on getting more organized. They come from the ebook “30 Days to an Organized Home” and Tracy Roberts (the author) is kindly letting me share them with you this week. I hope you enjoy them and put them to good use. Please consider getting the entire ebook here
The dreaded junk drawer.

No wait. Don’t run screaming out of the room. Don’t pull your hair out. You CAN do this!

Your junk drawer may be in the kitchen or the laundry room. You may even have two or three. Wherever they are, however many you have, let’s get them organized. Don’t worry about the rest of the stuff in the room; we are just concentrating on the junk drawer(s).

Dump it.
Literally. Do. It. Now.

Junk DrawerDump everything out on the counter next to you. Now, as gross as it may be, wipe the drawer with whatever all-purpose cleaner you use. It may be so bad that it needs to be vacuumed first; just do what you need to do to get it cleaned.

Now, get out a sharpie pen or a labeler and some disposable plastic tubs. The same company that makes the zipper top sandwich bags makes a line of cheap plastic food storage tubs that fit perfectly in junk drawers. Usually four fit inside the drawer. They can be labeled with anything from keys to change, from nails and screws to first aid.

Sort through your pile and put each usable, salvageable item in the appropriate tub. Anything that is broken or no longer useable, toss. Anything that goes in another room should be returned to that room.

When you are done, I dare you to resist the temptation to pull open that drawer 101 times to stare at its perfection!

Here’s a link to yesterday’s post on “cleaning the spot” in case you missed it.


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