Stretching Liquid And Foamy Hand Soap

I learned to stretch my liquid handsoap by initially buying two bottles of it , one regular and one foamy .I used the foamy first then took the regular and refilled the foamy bottle half full. I then added hot water to fill the foamy bottle to the top. I then gently shook the foamy bottle to mix the water and soap. With this method you get two bottles for the price of one after the initial purchase of the two hand soaps. Hint: Aldi sells both kind. My hand soap costs me about 45cents a bottle.

From The Hillbilly Housewife:

That’s a great tip! You can also buy one of those large soap refill containers and use a little bit of it mixed with some water in your foam bottle.

Washing Hands with foaming handsoap. Great tip for stretching foaming and liquid handsoap.

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