Steps to a More Organized Home

Is clutter driving you crazy? Would you like to have a more organized home? I’ve put together a few steps you can take to make sure that your home life will be less cluttered and your stress level will be lower! Remember, an organized and tidy home is a happy home. By learning how to organize your home and by keeping it organized, your life will run more smoothly.

Work on one area of your living space at a time. Go area by area until your whole home is organized. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day and neither will your clutter! By taking it one space at a time, your stress level will stay down and little by little your home will get organized.

Buy or re-use organizers to store items that would otherwise look cluttered if left out in the open. You can purchase tubs from your local dollar store very inexpensively, or you can do like me and purchase banker boxes when they go on sale. You get 5 in pack and they make great storage totes which can be labeled on the end for easy access.

Think about whether you really need to keep things. Most people these days have an Ipod, MP3 or a computer which you can download cds onto. Choose a day to transfer your CD’s to the computer where you can put them on and take them off your Ipod or MP3 whenever you wish. Once that’s done you can sell them and earn some extra cash!

Know what “organized” looks and feels like. Organized spaces are very easy to use. They have enough room for all the items located there. The space makes sense. Every item in your house has a location and should be returned to that location when you are done with it. Organized spaces also feel calm, open, and welcoming.

Make to do lists Make a to do list for your day. Your daily list should never be more than 5 items long, or else you’re taking on way too much and that will set you up for failure. Mark one or two of those items as things you absolutely must get done that day, and then hit those tasks head on until you get them done.

Delegate responsibilities. Make sure the person you appoint to do the task has all the necessary equipment to do the task. Remember it doesn’t have to be done to perfection. The important thing is that it gets done, and that doing them can teach the person (maybe a child) not only how to do them but how to address related problems. It’s hard to be organized if you insist on doing everything yourself.

Post-it notes are your friend. Put them in noticeable spots as reminders. For example, if you know you need to wash your vehicle, then put a post-it note on your door leading outside so that next time you leave the house, you remember to get it done. Other good spots for post-it notes are cabinets, refrigerators, mirrors, and PC monitors.

I hope that these tips help you to be a little more organized in your home. Be sure to check out all my other articles on organizing your life and your home!

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