Steel Cut Oats In Crockpot For Breakfast

I love steel cut oats, you can buy them in bulk bins at health stores and make super cheap breakfasts with them. However, I do not have 40 minutes to cook them in the morning!

I set up my crock pot, and put a smaller dish inside (its my husband’s grandmother’s white Pyrex, very sturdy!)

I fill the water level outside the small dish to close to the edge, but not going over the edge.

Inside I fill the dish with a 1:3 ratio – one cup of oats, three cups of water. I prefer my oatmeal a wee bit gummy, and then I add in milk in the morning to thin it out, the ratio can be altered depending on your preference.

I can set this up on Low on my crockpot at about 8-9ish, and when we get up at 6, there is a hot breakfast just ready to be eaten. I leave the small dish soaking in the sink when we head out the door, scrub it at night and we are ready for the next night. Especially for cold mornings, it is a real treat to get up to find breakfast just waiting for you in the kitchen.

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