Zapped Chook or Chicken

Note from the HBHW
Chook is apparently a slang term for chicken in Australia. When using this recipe make sure you use a type of bag that is microwave safe. You don’t want it to melt around your chicken. Be sure to turn your chicken regularly if your oven doesn’t have a turn table to make sure it cooks evenly all the way through.

wash chook and put into oven bag
sprinkle chook in bag with packet of french onion soup mix

secure bag and put small hole in bag on each side near wings

put bag of chook into microwave oven chest up
after first time turn bag over so that chook is back up and cook again for prescribed time.

TIME TO COOK – very important

if the chook weighs 1.5k it is size 15 and needs to be cooked for 15 minutes on each side.

if the bird weighs 1.7k it is size 17 so cook for 17 minutes each way

if a bird weighs 1.45k call it size 15

chooks cooked this way are beautiful and moist

when cooking is completed use gloves to pick up the bag and the fat will run to the bottom corner of the bag – snip and drain.

put the chook in the bag onto a plate and cut through the bag to remove the plastic – careful of the steam.

the perfectly cooked chook is cooked in record time and better than takeaway

regards peter

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