Saving Soap Slivers – Frugal Tip

Part of being frugal means using up every little bit of …well, everything.  That even holds true for bar soaps. I’m sure you have some little bits and pieces of soap sitting in your shower or on your bathroom counter right now. You get to the last little bit and someone opens a new bar of soap. There isn’t much you can do with that last little chunk, or is there?

You paid good money for that bar of soap, you might as well use it up. One quick and easy thing to do is to simply melt it onto the new bar of soap. Wet both the sliver and the bar of soap and stick the little thin sliver to the new bar. Start using the bar as usual and the little piece will mold to and eventually stick to the big bar of soap. It’s a little fiddly the first use, but works really well after that.

If that’s not your thing, here’s another idea. Chop up the little soap slivers and dissolve them in a little hot water. Put the soap mixture into your liquid soap dispenser and start using it as a liquid soap. It’s a little more watery than the store-bought stuff, but it works quite well.

What do you do with your soap slivers? Do you use them or do you toss them?

Don't toss that last little bit of the soap bar. Put it to use with these simple little tips.

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