Quick And Easy Ice Cream Sandwich – Frugal Tip

In an email that I sent out earlier today I shared that we’re making our own ice cream sandwiches. We’re baking cookies tonight and make homemade ice cream tomorrow to fill them with.

While we have a lot of extra time this summer and are always looking for something fun to do, taking two afternoons to make one simple frozen treat isn’t always an option.I have a yummy and frugal alternative for you that we indulge in quite a bit throughout the year.

The next time you have bananas that are getting a little overripe (and you don’t feel like baking banana muffins), peel them, slice them and freeze them.

Using Frozen Bananas To Make Ice CreamWhen you’re ready to make some healthy ice cream, grab the frozen banana slices and put them in a blender. Add a little vanilla flavor and just enough milk to get your blender to work. I usually start with just a small splash and add a bit more if needed.

Depending on the sweetness of your bananas and your family’s taste buds, you may want to add a little sugar or other sweetener to taste. Blend until you have something that resembles soft serve ice cream consistency.

You can eat it as is, or scoop it into a bowl and stick it in the freezer to harden a bit more.

To make the ice cream sandwiches, grab some graham crackers or your favorite cookies. Spread a little of the hardened ice cream mixture on a cookie or cracker and top with another one.

Wrap them in freezer paper or stick them in freezer bags and freeze until hardened before serving.

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