15 Pumpkin Recipes You’ve Gotta Try This Fall

It’s almost Halloween and Fall is making an appearance all the way down here in the south. The leaves are turning, the air is getting crisp and I’m digging out my handknit socks and sweater to wear. And of course there are pumpkins to be found everywhere. As much fun as it is to carve them, they really shine when you start to cook with them. I thought I’d share 15 of my favorite pumpkin recipes with you today. Give them a try and let me know what your favorites are.

A collection of my favorite pumpkin recipes from pie and soup to pancakes and lattes.

  1. Pumpkin Puree Making your own pumpkin puree for baking pies, making soups and using in various recipes is easier than you think.
    Let’s start with something pretty basic. It’s not very good on it’s own, but we’ll use it in quite a few of the recipes that follow. Or use it in any of your own recipes that call for canned pumpkin.

  2. Pumpkin Soup 
    Fall is perfect soup weather and there isn’t much that’s better than a nice cup of pumpkin soup. I love the sweet and savory combination. Add a slice of homemade bread and you have a great lunch or light dinner to warm you up on a cold day.

  3. Pumpkin Fritters
    These pumpkin fritters make a delicious treat. They are a yummy side dish, or roll them in cinnamon sugar to enjoy as an afternoon snack or for breakfast.

  4. Pumpkin Pancakes Stack of delicious pumpkin pancakes. Perfect for Fall Breakfast.
    If you love all things pumpkin this time of the year, you have got to give these pancakes a try. They are a weekend favorite around here in the fall.

  5. Easy Pumpkin Pie
    It wouldn’t be fall without some delicious pumpkin pie. This recipe is as easy as it is scrumptious. If you’ve never made pie from scratch, give it a try. You can use a prepared crust or make your own using this pie crust recipe.

  6. Pumpkin Banana Smoothie 
    I love starting my fall days with a yummy pumpkin smoothie. The banana adds a little sweetness and creaminess to the finished drink. It’s a filling and healthy breakfast, but also makes for a great snack any time of the day.

  7. Creamy Pumpkin Dip A slice of my favorite pumpkin pie. Recipe in the blog post.
    I love a nice pumpkin pie, but don’t always feel like baking. This dip is a quick yummy snack that gives you the same sweet pumpkin flavor without the oven.

  8. Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix 
    While this isn’t a recipe with pumpkin it it, it’ll be hard to make half the recipes in this post without it. That’s why I decided to include it. We love this homemade stuff around here.

  9. Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte 
    This is such a great lunch time treat or afternoon pick-me-up. My favorite time to fix it is right before I head out to pick my daughter up from school. I get to relax for a few minutes in the car pickup line, do a little knitting and sip on my drink. Perfect for those early fall days when you want all things pumpkin spice, but it’s still too warm for a hot coffee drink.

  10. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Cup of Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte
    A list of pumpkin recipes wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite fall beverage. And yes, I do include actual pumpkin in my recipe.

  11. Pumpkin Bread
    You’ll need a little snack to go with that PSL. How about a slice (or two) of pumpkin bread. You’ll love this nutty version. Lots of flavor and just the right amount of crunch.

  12. Pumpkin Dump Cake 
    Do you need a quick dessert for a Holiday Party or a Family Christmas “Get-Together”? Give this simple pumpkin dump cake a try. You can buy all the ingredients well ahead of time, then mix it all up and bake. You end up with a yummy cake without a lot of extra dishes to clean.

  13. Pumpkin Spice Cookies A simple recipe for pumpkin spice cookies made from a cake mix.
    Wanna spice things up a little bit in the cookie jar? Try these simple pumpkin spice cookies. The raisins add just the right amount of sweetness. We love them plain, but they are also delicious with the cream cheese frosting.

  14. Pumpkin Bars
    These yummy bars are perfect for fall classroom parties, or as a delicious dessert any time of the year. They’re tasty, festive and not all that bad for you. Plus it’s easy to cut them into smaller or larger squares depending on how many people you’re serving.

  15. Simple Pumpkin Soup 
    Let’s wrap things up with one more pumpkin soup recipe. I think after pie, soup is my favorite dish to make with pumpkins. I love the savory flavor and what’s not to love about soup in the fall.

I hope you’ll enjoy these recipes as much as we have.

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