How To Make Scrambled Eggs – Cooking Video

I came across this cooking video this morning. It has some great tips on how to make a perfect plate of scrambled eggs. I used to make these dusty little chunks of egg that needed to be covered in ketchup to be edible. Thankfully I’ve gotten better at this and make some decent scrambled eggs now.

They are great for breakfast, on a sandwich for lunch or served with some pan-fried potatoes and a salad for dinner. Yum! Frugal, nutritious and delicious … that’s what I love about scrambled eggs. How about you.

Dani uses coconut oil to cook her eggs in, but I prefer a little bit of vegetable oil or a dab of butter. Use whatever works best for you and a good pan definitely helps to keep your eggs from sticking as well. If you haven’t tried adding water to your eggs, give it a try next time. I used to use milk, but prefer them with water now.

The video gets a little silly toward the end, but overall it’s a great tutorial on making perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.

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