How To Clean Your Shower Head With Vinegar

I got in the shower this morning and noticed that my shower head was starting to get pretty clogged. It happens every six months or and after much trial and error, I came up with a quick and easy way to get it cleaned. It’s very simple, doesn’t take a bunch of elbow grease and most importantly no expensive or harsh cleaners.

Here what you’ll need … and yes, I realize this list sounds a little MacGyver at first, but keep reading. I promise it will start to make sense in a minute.

  • plastic bag
  • rubber band
  • white vinegar
  • an old tooth brush

Make sure you pick a plastic bag that’s wide enough that you can easily slip it over your shower head.

The idea is to put the bag (filled with vinegar) around the shower head and secure it with the rubber band).

Fill your bag with enough white vinegar that the bottom of your shower head is completely immersed in the vinegar when you put the bag around it. I find it helps to put the rubber band on the shower head first, then a slip on the vinegar filled bag and pull the rubber band over the edge of the bag to keep it secure.

Or if your shower head is easily removed, take it off and pop it in a small bowl filled with the vinegar.

Allow it to soak for 45 minutes to an hour. Remove the bag, pour out the vinegar and rise the shower head with clean water. Much of what’s clogging it should be coming off already.

Take your tooth brush and gently brush away any other build-up and clogs. Rinse with more water and you’re done.

How to clean a clogged shower head

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