How Fresh Are Your Eggs – Frugal Tip

Sometimes recipes call for fresh eggs or older eggs. There are some things that just work out better depending on the age of your eggs.

For example, if you’re making poached eggs, you want to make sure you’re using eggs that are as fresh as possible. If you’re making hard boiled eggs on the other hand, you don’t want them to be too fresh or it will be hard to peel them.

Unless you get your eggs fresh from a farm, it’s hard to tell exactly how old they are. My favorite thing to do is to submerge the egg in a glass bowl in some water. A 2 cup measuring cup works great for this. Fill it with water and then gently submerge the egg.

If the egg is fresh, it will lay on the bottom of the dish, usually flat on it’s side. If the egg is older, air bubbles start to form inside and the egg will stand upright in the water or even float to the top.

How Fresh Are Your Eggs?

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