Host A Christmas Cookie Swap

The holidays are full of time for family and friends. Just thinking about making new memories fills people with the Christmas spirit. This Christmas, gather a few of your best girlfriends and host a cookie swap party.

What is a cookie swap? It can be done at any time of the year, but there are so many rich, delectable cookie recipes associated with Christmas, that it is hard to pass up having a get together that centers on the sweet round treat. Keep the list of participants short or you will be baking cookies until your oven gives out.

The main idea behind the cookie swap is fun, fellowship, and food. Each person invited to the swap will make a dozen cookies for every other guest plus themselves. The dozen they make for themselves will be left at home. Hide it from prying eyes if you don’t want them to magically disappear while you attend the party.

Cookie swaps work well if planned at least three weeks in advance. This gives your guests time to respond to your invitation and bake the cookies. Ask each guest to list the kind of cookies they will bake so there are no duplications. A week before the party, give a phone call, email, and a postcard to the guests who are coming to let them know how many people will be in attendance. Now they know how many dozens of cookies to bake.

Plan the cookie swap for a cool weekend evening. On a Saturday evening, no one has to worry about getting up early for work. Guests can relax and eat until they need a Tums. Since cookies are so sweet, provide drinks like apple cider, bottled water, and hot chocolate.

Finger foods are allowed at the cookie swap. Each person including you will be baking a bunch of cookies so purchase appetizer trays from the local grocery store or have the affair catered. Catering may be a bit pricey but you only live once.

Chocolate chip, almond, spice, fruit filled, and brownies—these sound mouth-watering. Instead of the traditional cookies that we make each year, try to come up with something new for everyone to try. They and their families will love you. Bring a few extra bags or disposable containers for guests to take home their cookies that they didn’t eat.

Need a holiday idea? Host a Christmas cookie swap for your church circle, coworkers, or neighborhood friends. If there must be a gathering, make sure that something sweet is present.

Need a fun idea for the Holidays? Why not host a cookie swap this year and exchange Christmas cookies (and recipes).

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