Hillbilly Housewife Advent Calendar Day 11 – Canning Made Simple

There’s a long tradition of canning in my family. My grandmother canned throughout the year. She canned beans, potatoes, tomatoes and soup throughout the summer, apple butter in the fall etc. My mom remembers her grandmothers and great aunts getting together throughout the year to can as well and many a meal were made from home canned goods.

Hillbilly Housewife Advent Calendar - Day 11Sadly, like so many things canning went out of fashion and while my mom would occasionally get together with her mother to can, I never got very involved until I became an adult and started to get into gardening and growing and preserving my own food.

These days, I get my caner out quite often. A couple of weeks ago we came into a big box of apples. I’ve since turned most of them into apple butter and apple pie filling which have been canned. Some of them we’ll use throughout the winter, and some will be given away as present.

If that’s you and you don’t have a relative to show you the ropes, take a look at the Canning Made Simple book.


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Inside you’ll find over 40 canning recipes to get you started, along with simple to understand explanations about what to can, how to can, and even why to consider canning at all!

Let’s Talk About Homemade Gifts

I also have a question for you. This came out of a discussion I had with a friend the other day. I personally love getting and giving homemade gifts. To me they are a lot more meaningful than something store-bought.
My friend on the other hand thinks they are cheap and tacky. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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