Going Paperless In The Kitchen – More Than Just Ditching Paper Towels

I’ve long stopped using paper towels 99% of the time. I keep a roll around, sitting in a cabinet for really bad messes where I don’t want to have to deal with the cloth afterwards.

For the mots part, we’re using rags and towels to deal with spills, messes and use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

This morning I came across a great post By Sarah from Early Bird Mom on KitchenStewardShip.com.

She has some great tips on:

  • Avoiding Disposable Dishes
  • Using Different Types Of Cloths for Different Chores
  • Tips On Washing Kitchen Cloths.
  • Dealing With Stains On Your Kitchen Rags

To read more head on over to the Good Bye Paper Towels post on KitchenStewardship.com to read more.


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