Frugal Produce At Ethnic Grocery Stores

Eating healthy can get pricey if you don’t watch what you buy where. With produce prices on the rise at your local grocery store, I wanted to share a tip with you this week for buying your fruits and veggies for less.

Find an ethnic grocery store in your area and browse through their produce section. They often sell in higher volumes than your regular grocery store and can thus get better prices on anything from apples and bananas to greens and carrots. They cater to customers who still make most of their foods from scratch and thus don’t rely on the prepared foods that are the “milk and butter” of your chain grocery store.

Frugal Tip for Buying ProduceYou’ll also find some new fruits and veggies that you won’t find in the produce department at your regular store. Have some fun with it and try some new dishes.

If you don’t have an ethnic grocery store with a good produce department, look for farm stands and farmers markets. Buying local not only gets you the freshest ingredients at the best price, you’ll be helping your local economy and more importantly your farmers as well.

Last but not least, stick to fruits and veggies that are in season for the best deals.

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