DIY notepads

Submitted by a HBHW Reader:

I make my own notepads by cutting copy paper sheets into the desired sized and bind them together with a rubber band.
What’s more – I do quite a bit of printing for business purposes, and often get a bad copy of something (or those sheets the printer uses to align the printer heads), and I use all those bad “throw away” sheets to cut up into notepad paper.

Any piece of paper that is blank on one side (not stuff with personal information like bank statements, of course) can be cut up and and bound together by a rubber band to make a notepad

The Hillbilly Housewife:

That’s a great idea. I use all sorts of scrap paper but usually just keep it in a little basket on the counter. I love taking printer paper (and the flyers coming home from school on what seems a daily basis) , cutting them into fourth and turning them into a notepad with a rubber band.

Thanks so much for sharing this great recycling idea.

Make Notepads From Scrap Paper

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