Corn Tortillas – Tortillas de Maiz

This recipe is very frugal as it only uses three ingredients – water, corn flour, and baking powder. A batch will last you a few days to a week, and these tortillas are a great healthy and cheap substitute to bread.

Here’s the recipe:

Here is my recipe for THE perfect tortilla. This recipe makes about 20-30 tortillas and can be doubled or halved if you desire to make more or less. Although tortillas are usually eaten with other food, such as meat, rice, or vegetables, they are just as good eaten by themselves as well!


-3 cups of Instant Corn Flour treated with lime, (this flour is known in Spanish as “harina de maiz”. I use the “Masa Brosa” brand)
-5 cups of lukewarm tap water (agua tibia)
-1 tsp. of baking powder


-In a large bowl, combine 3 cups of corn flour with baking soda and mix together.
-Add 4 1/2 cups of water and mix together with your hands until combined.
-Add final 1/2 cup of water slowly, mixing thoroughly with hands until fully incorporated.
-Pre-heat three or more nonstick skillets on high/medium high.
-Begin to form medium sized balls out of the masa with your hands.
-Place each ball of masa dough between two plastic baggies and flatten the balls by pressing down with a plate.
-Remove flattened dough from baggies and place onto hot skillet.
-Repeat process until all dough balls have been cooked – about 1-2 minutes on each side.
-Place cooked tortillas on metal wrack to cool.

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