Ceci e Pasta – Chick Peas With Pasta

Here in southern Italy, many of our dishes are simple cooking, no bells or frills. It’s the poormans diet.  So we tend to cook in a simple and tasty manner, and without measuring cups or spoons. 🙂

The following is easy, just keep it covered with water and stir occasionally so no sticking happens. Below I have added a few hints to use this recipe with Lentils or white beans

  • 1 lb dried chick peas (softened up overnight in water, OR if in a hurry, add 1T baking soda to water and let sit a couple of hrs, rinse well when ready to cook)
  • 1-2 cloves garlic cut in half
  • 1-2 medium ripe tomatoes cut in quarters
  • olive oil
  • salt, pepper and 1/2 bouillon cube
  • (editor’s ingredient note:  any type small pasta)

Lightly saute’ the garlic and tomato, just a few minutes, add rinsed chick peas, cover with water, bring to boil.
Lower heat and add salt, pepper,& bouillon cube, simmer on low heat,stirring occasionally. As the water starts getting low add more but remember to adjust salt and pepper.

They are done when you taste and are soft and tender, mix with any type of small pasta.

**Hint – an additional idea is drain but set aside the liquid, use a hand mixer and start mixing, add a ladle full of the reserved liquid as you go along, keep it a slightly runny mashed potato consistency and toss with pasta quills and serve with grated cheese on top. If you have any liquid remaining, toss in ice cube trays and freeze. Next time you make any type of dish add in a cube or 2 and will add more flavor to what your making.Nothing goes to waste.

**Hint – same process but USE White beans (soak these as you did with the chick peas)
**Hint – same recipe, same method,USE Lentils (without needing to soak) and add 1-2 bay leaves, No mashing here though.

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