Cabbage Casserole

This yummy and frugal casserole was submitted by HBHW reader Jennifer M.

  • 1 4lb head of cabbage
  • 2 rolls of any flavor sausage (it’s all about what you prefer)
  • 2 sleeves of saltines
  • Ketchup to taste
  • Block cheese (it melts best)

Shred cabbage just enough to soften, then drain and set aside. Brown sausage (as you would ground beef), drain and set aside.  Grease two casserole dishes and begin to layer:

  • crush saltines and put on bottom
  • top with cabbage, sausage, ketchup, and cheese
  • repeat one more time, topping everything with cheese.

Put in oven at 425 degrees until everything heats through and cheese melts.  Serve one and freeze the other.

Everyone, including my picky-est eater, loves this dish.

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