Beans And Taters For Breakfast

This recipe sounds very weird and I am still trying to convince some of the more stubborn members of my family to try it but it is tasty, filling, nutritionally balanced, and best of all uses up little bits of leftovers!

  • I start by boiling one or two potatoes with their skins on or if I have some boiled potatoes leftover from something else I use those.
  • When the potatoes are done I add a can of my homemade baked beans. If you don’t can your own than a can of store bought works. Try to keep a 1 to 1 ratio of beans to taters. Drain the taters and pour the beans right in the pan with them and heat threw.
  • While they are heating I usually boil an egg or 2 per person.
  • When everything is done divide between bowls and peel the eggs. I eat my eggs squished up in the beans, some eat their eggs separate. It depends on preference.

I guarantee after you try this though you will be hooked!

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