Simple Closet And Cabinet Organization – No Money Necessary

I finally am feeling better after some health issues the past few years. Needless to say, my home is in desperate need of some organization! Problem is, I have no extra money in our budget for nice baskets, or all those neat organizational helps you see on TV or a magazine.

So I decided to work on it anyhow with what I had in my home. I just was focusing on my linen closet which has to house a wide variety of items from extra shampoo, sheets, shoe polish, heating pad, etc. Did I mention cleaning supplies too?

I went through each shelf and cleaned, gave away, and pitched items. To organize the shelves, I just used cardboard boxes I had. These were an assortment of different but mostly used boxes. I found some bright orange construction paper and a black marker. I organized and wrote the contents on the orange paper and taped it to the box. The bright orange paper gives a feel of matching even though the boxes are all different.

Are the boxes beautiful? No, but the stress level drops W-A-Y down when you can actually find what you need. It’s really helped out a lot.

It’s so nice to open this closet and see right where the soap is, where to put the cleaning supplies, and I can actually see the shelf that the sheets go on!

So quit with the pity party and use what you have for free or cheap. Just jump in there and start! I’m busy taking my own advice, so now I’m off the the basement! It’s really in bad shape as well, but I’m just going to pick an area and work on it until it looks like something!

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