Room By Room Cleaning Guide – How To Avoid Total Chaos

We’ve been talking quite a bit about New Year’s Resolutions lately.  There seem to be some resolutions that come up frequently; save money, lose weight, eat healthy, and spend more time with family.

Those are pretty popular, but there is one resolution that is right up there at the top of the list:

Get the House Clean and Organized

Like many homemakers, I make that resolution each year.  Then around this time, I start plotting.  How will I ever attempt this?  I can’t tolerate the whole house ripped apart for spring cleaning, yet I want to get the job done quickly.

So, this year I sat down and organized my thoughts and put together a short room-by-room guide to help me (and you!) get through the task without total chaos.  This FREE resource is my gift to you in hopes that you will be able to tackle your resolution to get the house clean and ready for summer fun.

Just click on the pdf link below and you will instantly have my step-by-step guide to cleaning your house a room at a time, without total chaos!

Spring Clean Your House A Room At A Time (PDF)


Susanne – The Hillbilly Housewife

P.S. You’ve got your house cleaned now, but how about organized? Are you as organized as you want to be? If not (and who is?!) we can help you with that, too!

Tracy Roberts of is the author of 30 Days to an Organized Home, and she has a plan!

Work your way through organizing and decluttering every room in your house in 30 days with easy to follow daily tasks that keep you from getting overwhelmed with the task at hand.

You’ll also find helpful printable checklists that will keep you on task and allow you to track your progress.

Get your copy today at



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