Re-Usable Pads For Swiffer Type Floor Mops

I recently brought my parent’s elderly small dog into my home. She is 17 years old and even though she used to be housetrained, she seems to have forgotten the concept now. I tried some home made “diaper”, but the process was such a struggle I was afraid I would wind up injuring her. We don’t have carpet, so cleaning up is really much easier than using them anyway.

I had a Swiffer type mop, but it was very expensive to try to use that all the time. I figured out that a washcloth is the perfect size to fit around the mop and tuck it in. I bought one of the packs of washcloths at Walmart and made my own.

I take one washcloth, fold it half, then sew it in the center of another wash cloth. I use one pad to clean up the urine, change it and use a floor cleaner to clean the area.

I also used towels and backed them with waterproof fabric to make liners for her playpen (she sleeps in one at night. She is almost blind and gets distressed when she gets “lost”. Then we have her own little hamper in the laundry room for these so the odor doesn’t linger in the house.

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