Rainy Day Soup

I keep a large plastic container with a sealed lid in my freezer and as I finish a meal cleanup, I pour those last bits of canned/cooked vegetables, broths and vegaetable juices into the freezer container.

When the container is filled (or it rains, whichever comes first! ) I place the combined items in a large dutch ove. I add browned ground beef or turkey, any leftover cooked meats, a jar of my homemade tomato juice/stewed tomatoes/canned tomatoes, along with a can of chicken or vegetable broth and let simmer.

After contents are at room or warm temperature, I add a can of pinto beans, chopped onion, celery, carrotes, and fresh potatoes (chopped) and bring contents to a boil. Turn down mixture and let simmer together till fresh veggies are tender.

I then add Italian seasonig, S & P to taste, and before serving, add a slice of Velveeta cheese to soup. Add hot biscuits and you’re good to go! Frugal, fast and fun to share!

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