When i am able to find rarely a pumpkin on the market i buy it right up. i use it in many tomato sauces. first i just cook it up as for pumpkin pie and then if i had a blender i would blend it. since i don’t i run it through the hand crank vege musher. i then take the blended/mushed pumpkin and put in in small plastic bags and put them in the freezer. when i am making a tomato sauce i just cut off a portion and put it in. it works as a thickener. ie you need less tomatoes and can add more water. (tomato paste and tomatoes are expensive here) you can also use it for pumpkin soup. adding milk, onions,salt and whatever you want. if you have cheap small plastic bags you can just hack off the amount you want with the bag. i do the same thing with tomato paste. i get the big can and separate it into bags and use it as we need it. i don’t have access to good freezer bags so things go in plastic bags around here. (i live in Benin, West Africa)

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