Planning An Organic Garden? Some Thoughts On Organic Pesticides

The seed catalogs are starting to come in fast and furious now.  Time with my morning coffee is now shared with a pile of seed catalogs, paper, and pencil.

Some decisions that have to be made are how to take advantage of “complimentary plants” to fight disease and the invasion of insects.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always protect our crop from some plight or another.  So, this year I started to search for organic pesticides to battle bugs and other nasty things that attack the garden.  In my search, I came across this informative article and decided it would be a valuable resource to share.  I hope you’ll enjoy what the author, Will McGee, has to share.

Organic Gardening Pesticide – An Overview

Organic gardening pesticides are products that do not contain harmful chemicals. When looking for these types of pesticides, you should check the label to make sure that it is approved by the EPA. Some organic gardeners like to make their own organic gardening pesticide. Let’s take a look at some ways of reducing the need for pesticides, as well as homemade and manmade pesticides.

The biggest thing that will reduce the need for organic gardening pesticide is to keep a healthy garden. If the garden is healthy, that will help control insects. Keeping and attracting beneficial insects will reduce the pest population, as well as promote a healthy garden. Another option is to plant earlier in the season. Planting earlier in the season will allow the plants to become stronger and healthier, as insect population is low. Crop rotation will also help reduce disease.

Certain organic gardeners prefer to use homemade pesticide over man made. They are very “picky” about the products that go on their gardens. They believe these chemicals are just as harmful as non-organic pesticides. Most homemade items are sprays made of various household products, such at tobacco, chili pepper, and even insects themselves! Certain types of products work best on different insects. Many gardeners like this method not only because of no chemicals, but the fact that this method for organic gardening pesticide is relatively cheap. These types of pesticides have been used for many years by gardeners.

Products that are man made are approved for organic gardening use by the EPA. Be sure to read the label to see if the product is approved. If you are unsure, look at what the product is made of. Organic pesticides are made from plants and animals, while non-organic pesticides are made from minerals. According to recent research, some organic gardening pesticides are actually more toxic than non-organic pesticides. Be sure to follow all precautions and guidelines, just as you would with any other chemical.

Pesticide is a very diverse conversation within the gardening community. Some prefer to make their own, while others prefer to buy. Whatever you decide to do, the choice is yours. Remember, a healthy garden is a happy garden!

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