Pickling Cucumbers

My cucumber plants were doing really well earlier this summer, but sadly got eaten down to almost  nothing by some bugs while we were out of town for a long weekend.

That being said, I know most of you that are growing a garden are drowning in cucumbers right now…

Add to that the fact that there are still great deals to be head at the local farmers markets on home-grown cucumbers (or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a gardening neighbor that shares)…

… and it’s time to start thinking about what to do with all those cucumbers. I love being able to store some of our fruits and veggies to use later in the fall and throughout the winter. And what better thing than to turn those juicy cumbers into yummy pickles.

Leanne Ely from SavingDinner.com says “It’s Time To Get Into a Pickle” and shares two of her favorite recipes. 

The first is Grandma’s Favorite Bread and Butter Pickles, the second is for dill pickles.

Personally, I’m more of a dill pickle kinda gal. How about you? Do you prefer bread and butter or dill pickles?

In addition to the detailed recipes and a list of what supplies you’ll need (and how to get them without spending much money), she also shares some great pickling tips.

A few more tips:

• Always label and date your jars so you know when you made them.
• Store pickles in a cool dark place
• Follow your canner instructions to a T
• Always check your seals

There you have it, you’re good to go!

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