Organizing Your Computer

This is the last post in a 7 Day series on getting more organized. They come from the ebook “30 Days to an Organized Home” and Tracy Roberts (the author) is kindly letting me share them with you this week. I hope you enjoy them and put them to good use. Please consider getting the entire ebook here

Let’s wrap this week of organization up with some less strenuous work. Head over to that super clean home office or workspace. Today we are going to take the time to organize your computer. It’s one of those jobs that gets put off because we have so much more pressing matters to attend to in our lives. Well, no longer!
Today is the day.

First, head to your documents. Make virtual folders and sub-folders for everything. No more loose word docs floating around. No more lists to run through in an attempt to find something. Organize it by clients, subject matter, family member, whatever works for you, as long as it is neat and orderly.
Next, log on to the internet and do the same thing with your favorites and bookmarked sites. Make folders and organize them by subject matter. What is the point of saving 312 recipes, if you can never find them again?

Organizing The Files On Your Computer

Now, head over to your email; delete the ones that are read but just filling up your inbox. If there is some important tidbit, make a folder and save it.

The last organizing we need to do today is making a list of your profiles and passwords. If you use the same one everywhere, fine but if you have several different ones, take the time to type out a nice list.

Now you are even organized in the virtual world.


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