Organized Grocery List

When I make my grocery list, I list things needed in the order they appear in the store. I also place my coupons in the order the items appear in the store. If the item is on sale, I place an “S” beside the listed item. That way I can see if the store has the sale item marked appropriately. If I have a coupon for the listed item, I place a “C” beside the item as well. That reminds me that I have a coupon. All these things help me to stay organized & get out of the store sooner!

From The Hillbilly Housewife

That’s an excellent idea. I do the same thing. One of the reasons why I recommend Menu Planning Central’s Meal Planning Service is because they do this as well. It saves so much time not having to run back and forth through the grocery store when you spent a little bit of time organizing your list first.

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