Homemade Preschool Age Number Learning Toy

I recently had to take my Savannah out of her 2 day a week Mom’s Morning out play group. We just couldn’t afford it anymore and because I am not working as much, it really wasn’t needed. I decided I needed to be a little more proactive with teaching her things (with out her realizing she was learning). I noticed that although she can count to a whooping 13, she didn’t recognize her numbers yet. We had lots of learning toys that worked on letter recognition but nothing that worked on number recognition. So I came up with a completely free way to help her with number recognition.

Items needed

4 different colors of card stock
4 different shaped large punches
*if you don’t have paper punches you can always draw and cut out the shapes
1 marker

Pick out one color and one punch. Punch out 12 of those shapes from that color. Example. Circle punch….punch out 12 yellow circles. Using the marker write one number on each shape. You should have numbers 1 – 12. Repeat with each remaining color and shape. At the end you should have for example 12 yellow ovals, 12 red circles, 12 pink flowers, 12 green squares.

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