Mock Shrimp Salad

My Mom had a recipe for Mock Shrimp Salad that used a can of tomato’s that she diced up (didn’t have diced tomato’s available then), a package of Saltines (one tube) that has been crumbled up (not too fine) and Mayo. When all mixed up it looks like a real shrimp salad (but it looks like someone got sick on your plate). The first (and last) time I had a real shrimp salad I thought it was gross. I love the Mock shrimp salad. Has anyone else ever run across a recipe like this? Does anyone know any history about this recipe. I can only tell you that is must be southern (mom’s family is an old southern family from Georgia and Alabama. I have never run across a printed recipe of this or anyone else who has ever heard of or had any of this (unless I served it to them)

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