Making Yogurt

This morning I made a quart of yogurt. Here’s how:

I put a quart of 1% milk into a glass jar, added about 1/3 cup of plain yogurt that has the live and active culture. I used Mountain View but any plain yogurt will do as long as it has the live culture in it.
I stirred this vigourously with a fork, put the lid on the jar and then sat the jar into a deep pan and added water up to within an inch of the top.
I put this on a burner and turned the flame as low as possible.
When the water temperature reached 110 degrees (editor’s note: I believe this is what she meant, the original post was 110o, which I believe was 110 with the letter o for degree)
I turned burner off and covered the pan with a folded dish towel.
When it had cooled somewhat I removed the towel and again turned the burner on and repeated the process, I continued this for approximately 5 hours while doing my usual routine of laundry, cleaning etc.
At the end of this time I had a quart of plain yogurt.

This can be sweetened with a little honey, jelly or jam, fresh sliced fruit or whatever strikes your fancy. The only tricky part is to be sure not to let it heat beyond 110 degrees as the higher heat will “Kill” the live culture. I have heard of people setting the milk mixture on a heating pad and covering it. I might try that next as then I wouldn’t have to watch it so closely.
You can use a 1/3 cup of this yogurt as the starter for your next recipe.

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