Make Your Own Kitty Litter

I found this recipe on another site, sorry can't remember where!

This 'recipe' is a clone for 'Yesterday's News' cat litter. I first tried it because I got tired of lugging 20 lb bags of Feline Pine home and paying $$ for something that was going to be thrown away. I like to be as self sufficient as I can and this is eco friendly and uses just a few cents worth of baking soda.

Shred or tear up a bunch of newspaper (no slicks). Soak in a bucket of water that has a bit of dish soap. I found that soaking for several hours produces a better end result. I just use my hand to goosh it all up to make sure the fibers are all breaking down. Then I drain it using an old colander. Back into the bucket with clean water to rinse. Drain again, pressing out as much water as you can. Mix in some baking soda, then crumble it over an old window screen to dry.
Newspapers use soy based inks now, but you will NOT be able to get the bucket or colander clean again, so use old ones. Do not drain this into your sink. The cellulose in the paper could potentially clog up your pipes.

Every day I pick out the poops from the litter boxes. This seems to control urine odors as well as any purchased kitty litter. I live in the country, so I just scatter it around where I have had moles and voles in the past.

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